Metroid Proposal

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For those that don’t know, I proposed to my now wife in a rather unique way.

I took my PC port of Metroid and modified it into a special version. It was a big success, Joystiq even featured it!

You can see that here:

For the original article I published, continue reading!

The following was originally published on February 29th, 2012. I’ve re-published it here for our new Brother Nights fans who might be interested.

In 2003 I rewrote Metroid, from scratch, for the PC. You can download that here. It’s written entirely in C++ with no emulation of the original ROM...

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Retrogames for Sale!

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My brother and I are on a quest to review every NES game ever made. New episodes are every Thursday and we’re 51 weeks straight without missing!
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On with the games!
Chris is my friend and these are his games. Since I’m fortunate enough to be a member of the amazing retro communities on Twitter, Facebook and NintendoAge, I offered to help him out by selling these things for him.

If you’re interested in anything, just email with what it is, and I’ll confirm it hasn’t sold and give you the PayPal payment address! Let me know if you subscribed to Our Youtube Channel for your 5% off.

Quick Links:
Super Nintendo

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I wrote Metroid.

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So I did this awhile back, but now I finally have a forum where I can share it with a community that might appreciate and enjoy it.

Click here to download Metroid for the PC!

Brother Nights also reviewed Metroid, and you can see that review here!

On with the story…


As a way to learn to program (and make games) I decided to take my favorite game of all time and rewrite it from the ground up. The goal was to make it as close to the original as possible, and I’m pretty proud of the result! Every room, enemy, item and ending is intact. The game is about as close as you can get to the original without actually emulating it!

As a bonus, I added the Space Jump that originated in Metroid 2, and a save system that tracks your progress in a similar way to Super Metroid...

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King of Kong Arcade closes shop. Princess not Saved.

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Just under three years ago Billy Mitchell of King of Kong fame opened his very own “King of Kong” arcade at Orlando International Airport in Orlando, Florida.

I even visited it two years ago! Here I am with all its bright lights and glory.


Today it is with a heavy heart I report that this arcade has closed shop. From the looks of it this was a pretty recent move out, as you can see remnants of the arcade.

You will be missed!




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Who wants this?

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Update: It’s gone!


My wife and I love playing the Lego series of games. We just finished this one, and now we have no use for it!

I’ll give it to whoever wants it!
Just email me at
with your mailing address and I’ll mail it free of charge!

First come first serve, I only have one!

While you’re at it, enjoy this shameless plug! Don’t forget about our great new episode where we review Burger Time!

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Special Thanksgiving Episode Tonight!

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It’s Thursday and you know what that means! A Brother Nights video! We are doing something a little special for Thanksgiving so check back later tonight for the video!

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The 9 to 5 routine

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Can you believe it? We’re only NINE likes away from our HUNDREDTH Facebook like, and only 5 subscriptions away from FIFTY YouTube subscribers.

We don’t take a single one of you for granted, and truly appreciate your support! If you’re finding yourself with some free time this weekend, help us hit 100/50!!

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With your guys’ support, we KNOW we can do it!!

-Jered & Trap

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Retron 5 Awaits!

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This is something that might interest you guys. So Hyperkin is a company specializing in retro hardware. Namely the Retron 3, which is a modern system that plays NES/SNES/Genesis games in one. Purists will scoff, as the sounds and graphics can be a little different than what you had on the original system, but for those looking for a non-emulation way to play old school games, it’s a great choice. (Just get your own controller, the ones included aren’t very good.)

Well this fall we’re getting the Retron 5. It’s so good they skipped 4, and it’s touted to play the usual NES/SNES/Gensis as WELL as GBA and Famicom games! What’s more, the controller is Bluetooth, not Infrared like their old one. Long story short, one system to play them all!

Check out a preview here!

Sounds great!

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Vegas, baby!

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Who says you don’t win in Vegas? Finding nes games out ‘in the wild’ is getting tougher as I get closer to being done, but I scored this!


There’s a great retro game store across from the Pinball Hall of Fame. If you’re in Vegas, check them both out!

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Get Caught Up!

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Can’t wait for Thursday? Here are some previous episodes you might have missed.

Bad News Baseball
Bad Dudes
Robocop 2

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