Brother Nights Tours – Famicom Disk System

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If you’ve ever played Castlevania on NES and wondered why it’s so hard, this post is for you.
It’s because the Japanese version HAD A SAVE FEATURE that was removed!

But that’s what happens when you take a game developed to play from a disk and port it to a cartridge.

So here we have the Famicom Disk System!


This expansion to the Famicom (NES) was actually the system that some of gaming’s biggest franchises debuted on:

The Legend of Zelda

One of the most fascinating things about this system was the availabilty of games. You were able to purchase them from
vending machines in Japan! That’s right, just put your disk in one of the vending machines below, pick your game, and it
copies it right to it! It was a very clever way to get new games into the hands of Japanese game...

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Brother Nights Tours – Super Mario Bros 2

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When you think about classic games from the past that you’ve beaten, do you think of Super Mario Bros 2? Then brother, think again.


The Super Mario Bros 2 we know and love was not originally a Mario game. In Japan it’s known as Doki Doki Panic,
and it’s the same gameplay but with an Arabian theme and characters.


There WAS a Super Mario Bros 2, but it was wickedly hard. So hard that Nintendo decided Mario’s new fans over here
might quickly decide they hate him if they played the proper sequel.

So they made a choice to ‘re skin’ Doki Doki Panic with Mario characters and release it here. To explain the complete
absurdity of the world, they added a dream storyline.


What was the original like? Mean. Poison Mushrooms were added to the question blocks, so you could no longer just blindly
jump ...

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Brother Nights Tours – Dinosaurs for Hire

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I think I could summarize today’s tour in a single sentence. Machine guns, PLUS dinosaurs, equals awesome. Thanks for reading! See you next time!


What’s that? You’d like a little more detail? Ok, let me elaborate.

As an eleven year old kid, platforming games were probably my favorite type of game. I already had quite a few of them including Golden Axe and Final Fight CD (which you’ve read about here) and I was always on the look out for another.

I’m not sure how I stumbled on a random fifty bucks, but I’ll always remember what I did with it. An arrangement with my parents meant that after school that day I would receive a trip to good ol’ Dan’s TV to spend it on a game...

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Brother Nights Tours – R.O.B.

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What’s a tour through a museum without a tour guide to walk you through? I’d like to introduce you to a guide that you might already know.

R.O.B. is ready for some dinner!

Meet R.O.B.! He’s the Robotic Operating Buddy from Nintendo. He holds a prominent position in the museum, and is one of the first things
you’ll see when you walk in. Hence he’s the tour guide! But you might be wondering how he came to hold this coveted job. Let me start from the beginning.

In 1983 something very unexpected happened in the American games industry. It crashed. Almost overnight stores stopped selling games, developers stopped making games, and people stopped buying games. There were lots of reasons, but one of the biggest was the quality of the games coming out. People (who probably shouldn’t) were making

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Brother Nights Tours – Castlevania Symphony Of The Night

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October 1997. I’m standing in a Kay-Bee Toy Store (remember that place?) with $50 burning a hole in my pocket.
I’m staring at the wall of Playstation games in front of me debating.

Do I get Marvel Super Heroes? It’s a tried and true fighting game and you can’t go wrong. (Fun fact, with
Spider-Man I could beat the arcade in a single quarter. Oh yeah!) Or, do I get
this new Castlevania game?

The last Castlevania game I played was Super Castlevania IV for the SNES. It’s an amazing game,
and one of the best in the series. BUT, was that enough to warrant purchasing another
whip-based platformer?

Sidebar: When you’re 15 years old, $50 is a BIG deal. It’s possibly the 30 year old equivalent
of picking your marriage partner. This was do or die, and it was crucial I make the right choice.

After ...

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Brother Nights Tours – Casio Loopy

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It’s pretty safe to consider the 90s the decade of the console wars. I don’t think there was another decade that saw SO MANY companies releasing 16 or 32 bit consoles, trying to grab a piece of a growing industry.

You had the heavy hitters like Sega and Nintendo, but you also had NEC (who was actually incredibly successful in Japan), SNK, the various 3DO manufacturers, Atari, Phillips, and on and on.

In all this noise, there was one company trying to do things a little bit differently. That was Casio, with their bonafide 32 bit game console targeted exclusively to girls. It was called the Casio Loopy!


The console was a traditional cartridge based system, but had a really unique feature that set it apart...

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Brother Nights Tours – X-Men

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In 1993 X-Men ruled my life. I had the Marvel Universe trading cards, I had the Marvel Super Heroes pen and paper role playing game, and you better believe I tuned in EVERY Saturday morning for the X-Men cartoon.

So is it really a shock that the day X-Men for Sega Genesis came out I ran out (again to Dan’s TV) and bought it? No, it wasn’t the first X-Men game by
a mile, but it was the first one I can remember looking SO. GOOD. This looked like the cartoon!



The character choices were awesome. Teleporting as Night Crawler was such a powerful feeling. Or pulling out Wolverine’s claws and slashing at bad guys.
And don’t get me started on Cyclop’s beam. AMAZING.

My one big complaint with this game was how HARD it was! Come on guys, you’re making a game for ELEVEN YEAR OLDS...

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Brother Nights Tours – Sega Master System II

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“Don’t worry about it. Just get it next time.”. You know those events in life where you’ll always remember where you were?
Well this is one of them. The Santo Tomas swap meet. Calexico, CA. 1998. My brother utters those words about a
rare Sega Master System II game console I found a midst miscellaneous trash. Deferring to my older brother’s wisdom, I listen.
And I wouldn’t see one again for ELEVEN YEARS. Thanks Trap. But let’s back up.

The Sega Master System was not, as many might think, Sega’s first attempt at a game console. In fact it was their third system and
second attempt to conquer Nintendo.

Their first attempt came with the Sega SG-1000 which was released the same day as the Nintendo. (I’m talking Japan here.) It did well enough
that they released the Sega SG-1000 Mark II, which a...

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Brother Nights Tours – Bandai Pippin

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A lot of people speculate about whether Apple should release a game console or not. They’ve got the eco system, the experience, and with an update to Apple TV potentially even the hardware. Well, it’s irrelevant, because they already did.

I present, the Bandai Pippin!

Don’t be shy, show em you’re backside.

Developed by Apple and manufactured by Bandai, this was a tried and true game console intended to compete with the big boys.
Sorry Apple, there’s no denying this.

It was released on September 1, 1996 and retailed for an incredible $600. This was at a time when the Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn had both dropped to $200, and the Nintendo 64 was weeks away from a $249.95 debut. Did the 3DO teach them nothing?

The controller bears a striking resemblance to the original X-Box controller...

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Brother Nights Tours – Marvel vs Capcom 2

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As a rule we don’t normally collect import games for our game collection, but Marvel vs Capcom 2 for Dreamcast is a huge exception.

If you played fighting games in the late 90s, you’re probably familiar with Capcom’s VS series. With the first VS game, X-Men vs Street Fighter, it was not only incredibly cool being able to pick characters from two different series, but each player picked TWO characters and you could tag them out at any time.

X-Men vs Street Fighter was followed by Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, which while predictable enough was just as awesome. After that Capcom decided to throw fans a curve ball and release Marvel vs Capcom. Wow! It might seem quaint now, but at the time being able to pit Mega Man and Morrigan against Venom and Strider was something to behold.


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