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It’s pretty safe to consider the 90s the decade of the console wars. I don’t think there was another decade that saw SO MANY companies releasing 16 or 32 bit consoles, trying to grab a piece of a growing industry.

You had the heavy hitters like Sega and Nintendo, but you also had NEC (who was actually incredibly successful in Japan), SNK, the various 3DO manufacturers, Atari, Phillips, and on and on.

In all this noise, there was one company trying to do things a little bit differently. That was Casio, with their bonafide 32 bit game console targeted exclusively to girls. It was called the Casio Loopy!


The console was a traditional cartridge based system, but had a really unique feature that set it apart. Besides being colored purple at a time when other systems were either black or white, it had a built in thermal printer that let users (girls) print out stickers and little pictures. It was not unlike the Gameboy printer that came later.


The controller was a nice standard size, and while I can’t say I’m a fan of the d-pad, the button layout is actually quite good and will be familiar to anyone that’s played the Neo Geo.


The games were designed to be appealing to girls, with titles like “Dream Change: Kokin-chan’s Fashion Party” and “I Want a Room in Loopy Town!”. While I don’t have either of these, I AM fortunate enough to have my very own copy of “Bow-wow Puppy Love Story”. A tear jerker if there ever was one.

With a library of only 11 games, it wasn’t the hit Casio hoped it would be, but you really have to credit them for trying something different. You’d never see a console like this released today, which is why it’s such a neat addition to any game collection. It’s a reminder of a time when the industry still wasn’t sure where it was headed, and everyone wanted to try and find out.

I’m all set to continue my Puppy Love story!!

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